COE ’13 Prize winners

On Saturday, 14th September, COE ’13,  the thirty-sixth Claremorris Open Exhibition was launched by Ms. Ingrid Swenson, director, Peer Gallery, London.

The curator of COE ’13, Mr. Andrew Wilson, Tate Britain, London,  awarded the prize fund equally between the following four artists –

Evelyn Glynn for her video installation The Cold Deterrent (2013);

Aimee Nolan for her mixed media installation  North Bull Island Drawings, Small Cluster and Flygfota and Pinhole;   

Fiona Reilly for her mixed media installation 1/6/09 – 8/11/12 and Time Spent;  

Ruby Wallis for her video and photography installation Moving Stills, Unfixed Landscape Series Untitled One and Unfixed Landscape Series Untitled Two.


l-r Aimee Nolan, Fionna Murray, Fiona Reilly, Andrew Wilson, Evelyn Glynn, John Kirrane (chairman Claremorris Arts Committee) and Ruby Wallis


The painting prize sponsored by the Claremorris Credit Union was awarded to  Fionna Murray for her work Blue Cloud, Den Haag, Allotment and Coram Field.

Mr. Wilson declared all the exhibitors winners and complimented them on the standard and diversity of their work.

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